30 Dead, Hundreds Left Homeless as Tornadoes Tore from Gulf Coast to Great Lakes


A string of tornadoes spawned by a severe storm condition tore a path of destruction from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, leaving at least 30 people dead and hundreds without homes.
Four states were badly hit by the series of tornadoes – Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Alabama. One of the worst hit is Indiana where one town was completely destroyed, with homes totally blown away and power lines toppled.
In New Pekin, Ind., rescuers found a ray of hope amid the debris scattered in their town when a 2-year old toddler was rescued in a field. The girl was found near the dead bodies of her mother and siblings as is now being treated at a Kentucky hospital. The officials were trying to determine how they end up in that field since the family lives 10 miles away.
In Henryville, Ind., another twister hit the town’s elementary, middle and high schools which are all located in the same campus. The school buses were just leaving the school, but decided to turn back so the students can shelter in the school, when the tornado hit.
“There was like a decompression,” Glen Riggs, school principal, said. “It felt almost like your skin was going to be peeled off your face and your ears popped. And of course people were a little upset — some of the children were upset.”
The empty school buses were thrown into the air like paper boxes, one hitting a nearby building. The school was completely destroyed but no students or staffs were reported hurt.

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