4 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself


In this competitive world, everybody is very busy and always in a rush. For many of us, with such a busy daily routine, it becomes very easy for us to “forget” ourselves.

The older you get, the better you will realize that you are alone in this world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you don’t have your lover, children or families. I mean, you are standing alone in this world to live and feel, and no one will ever understand what emotion and feelings you are going through—either it is happiness or struggles. Therefore, we need to take very good care of ourselves and make the most of every minute.

Here are 4 easy ways for you to apply in life that will help take better care of yourself on the most basic way.


Exercise1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

We all talk about exercise and are also well-aware the importance of exercise, but how many us can manage to actually exercise on a daily basis?

Go to a personal training studio, get others to motivate you to engage in workout activities. Alternatively, you can consider changing your routine, for example, walk to work or supermarket instead of driving if you don’t live too far. You can gain twice of amount of exercise by doing that every day, and you will reach daily health exercise goal by maintaining that.


Exercise your brain 2. Exercise your brain every day

Make sure to include your brain when working out because your brain is also like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the bigger it gets—the smarter you get.

You don’t have do much for exercising your brain. All you need to do is stay curious, mindful, active and involved. Consider taking time to read a bit, learning a new language or taking a new class that you have been interested in.


3. Spend Some Time with Yourself

As what I mentioned above, many of us are so busy and engaged in work and socializing that we sometimes “forget” ourselves. Take a 10 minutes every day or 2 to spend with yourself and remind yourself of how you feel and who you are. That is called being “present”. It is a good way to unwind and de-stress to stop thinking about your to-do list of groceries shopping or work for a while.


4. Keep Your Space Neat

For many of us, our space defines us as a person. It could be work or home space that we spend most of our times in every day, therefore, it is very important to keep our space neat. Because how we arrange our space tells who we are, and more importantly, it affects how we feel. A neat work place can increase our morale and efficiency, and a tidy home space helps you feel good and relax after work.

You can start by adding more colors in your home or office space as the colors have an impact on mood. Blue color has an awakening effect, so it is a good idea to add more blue-color items in your office.

At home, you can consider adding a few green pot plants, especially for people who live in big cities and don’t really have much access to nature. Plants could make your home space look nicer and more alive but also have a function of improving indoor air quality.


Jon Mills

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