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4 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan over Burning of Quran


Four American troops in Afghanistan were gunned down in what authorities said is related to the series of deadly protests condemning the burning of Quran in a US base.
A lone gunman, with ties to a Pakistani religious school, killed two US troops inside the highly secured Afghan Ministry of Interior while two other officers were gunned down at a base in eastern Afghanistan. Authorities strongly believe that both killings are related to the raging protests on the streets over a reported “unintentional” burning of copies of Quran at Bagram Airfield.
Afghan president calls for calmness over both incidents, fearing that enemy of the fledgling government can take advantage of the volatile situation. He also called for the US government to prosecute the people responsible of burning the Qurans.
“We have asked for punishment and an investigation,” the president said.
He also extended his condolences to the family of the American officers killed in the attacks, but refused to confirm who was responsible as well as their motives.
Muslims consider the Quran as the word of God, and treat it with utmost reverence. Muslims wash their hands first before touching the holy book.
The protests left at least 29 people dead and 200 wounded. The US, through Gen. John Allen, ordered several hundred NATO-led International Security Assistance Force advisers to temporarily leave their posts in Kabul for safety reasons.
“For obvious force protection reasons, I have also taken immediate measures to recall all other ISAF personnel working in ministries in and around Kabul,” the general said.

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