Fishing News – The Go to Hot Spots in Australia


As many may know, fishing has always been one of Australians’ favourite past times from the past until present. The plentiful fish and sea creatures in the deep blue ocean and flowing rivers and lakes are filled with miraculous sea life that would fill your soul with joy on a holiday trip. Thus, there are a number of top fishing hot spots in Australia in the spotlight that should be explored.

Leading Hotspots for Fishing in Australia

The first, “Exmouth”, which consists of the World Heritage listed ‘Ningaloo Reef’, described as the clearest turquoise water on Earth to drift over the fringing reef. Next, “Kalbarri”, an intrinsic Oceanside adventure playground where you can hop on the Murchison River, hire a paddle boat, swim, surf, or kayak. This special place is where you will encounter magical marine sea creatures including humpback whales and their calves. In addition the “Fitzroy River” is another exceptional, iconic waterway which has carved out ancient gorges as it flows through Geikie Gorge National Park. This fishing spot is ideal for camping and to go fishing for barramundi. Besides this, there are water birds, fish and other wildlife that are abundant to refresh your mood from the busy city life.

Pleasurable Fishing Charters in Australia

For your best assistance and travel experience, use Gold Coast Fishing Charters. A good charter will be great for you because the crew of fisherman should provide an excellent service and local knowledge which will improve your fishing experience. You will have an opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly authentic and invigorating fishing experience that you would never find outside of the Gold Coast. They offer a wide range of travel packages from full day to half-day tours and could be customized upon your request. The fishing enthusiasts would be stunned with the Spanish mackerel, Snapper, Cobia, Yellowfin Tuna and other interesting species on this unforgettable fishing trip!

On the other hand, for all you fishing freaks, whether you are an experienced fisherman or an amateur and located further south, you may want to try one of the best fishing charters Sydney has to offer. If this would be a more suitable location for your fishing trip. The tours in this area have a variety of fishing techniques for you to choose between, from the beginner’s level to the advanced. Plus, this charter is characterized into either a lifestyle tour or fishing for a hobby, relaxing your mood on the quiet lake or for those who take it as an outdoor sports and enjoy it with their peers.

Whether you’re taking fishing as a part of your holiday trip or daily sports routine, just pick the right accommodation that best suits your lifestyle. The above mentioned, most popular Australian fishing hotspots, will surely enhance your experience of a holiday trip with joy since Australia is renowned for being the best fishing paradise in the world.


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