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Catherine Zeta-Jones admits to having bipolar disorder


Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones surprise showbiz followers recently after admitting that she the sought professional treatment for a common psychiatric condition called bipolar disorder.

Jones publicist Cece Yorke confirmed in a statement that the Hollywood star made a “decision to check into a mental facility for a brief stay to treat her bipolar 2 disorder.”

While the news came as a surprise to many, Jones friends have expressed support for the actress’ move considering what she had been going through.

“Catherine has had to deal with Michael’s (Douglas) illness and that’s been hard,” a close friend of the family said, adding that, “She went in for a few days because she’s about to start working and wanted to make sure she’s in top form, which she is.”

In recent years, cases of bipolar disorder affecting Hollywood celebrities had become prevalent with a few actually recognizing that they have such problem and that they needed a treatment, according to some analysts.

Bipolar disorder is condition characterized by alternating periods of elevated moods, called manic episodes, and depression. The mood swings affecting someone with this problem exhibit the contrasting behavioral episodes for hours to weeks or months.

Psychiatric experts believe that this disorder oftentimes develops when a person undergoes extreme psychological and emotional pressures arising from such as problems as personal, family, career and similar predisposing factors.

Bipolar disorder affects roughly 2% to 3% of the American population with extent of cases ranging from mild to severe. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, this disorder can be life-long and recurring, hence would require long-term treatment for some cases.

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