Did You Get Picked For Charlie Sheen Social Intern Round 2 ?


Well Charlie Sheen is bigger than ever now as his Torpedo of Truth spins around the world at super sonic tiger blood speed. With the launch of his live show and the announcement of his internship through

It appears the 2nd round of the Sheen rodeo has just begun and the question sweeping twitter right now is ” Have you been made it to round 2 of Charlie Sheen Intern? ”

Just a week ago he tweeted that he was placing an ad on internship with

“Do you have #TigerBlood? Are you all about #Winning? Can you #PlanBetter than anyone else? If so, we want you on #TeamSheen as our social media #TigerBloodIntern!”

Apparently he managed to get upwards of 74,000 people from over 180 countries going for it, including myself.

In the first round all that was ask was why you should be the social media intern. 75 words were all you were given and I can tell you from experience it didn’t give you much room

Now today an email has gone out to everyone who applied who I would think is probably everyone who applied and not just people who were selected.

This time its all serious and requires you to give

Your Basic Information – Name, Reason to do it, City, Country
Education – Two schools you have been at
Experience – Two work experiences that are relevant
Social Media Links – Three places for blogs, twitter and whatever else.

If ever this will be the place they will weed out the wannabees from the real deal.

The question is.. Will you get the job if you have less followers than charlie sheen? 

Jon Mills

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