The Future Is 3D Printers


Repairing broken pipes, repairing damaged bones, duplicating human organs and building houses. All of these can be done by using 3D printing!


3D Printing Is Older Than You Think

3D printing is not a new invention but it was introduced 30 years ago. In the 1980s, Japanese industrial researcher– Hideo Kodama– invented additive manufacturing methods to create a 3D plastic model from polymers.

3 years later, Charles Hull came up with stereolithography or an acrylic-based material known as photopolymer. Stereolithography uses digital data to create 3D models which are then produced as a physical object.

In 1999, the scientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 3D printed a human bladder and implanted into human beings.

3D printing continued to develop year after year in the 2000’s. The printing sees widespread use in the medical industry. The first bio-printing companies were established in 2007. A year later, a self-replicating printer called Darwin was made. People could create whatever they thought of all on their own.


3D Printing Today

This century, 3D printing plays a more and more important role. There are many printers from different manufacturers available on the market. The price of printers is cheaper while their quality is improving. Small businesses and individual users are capable of owning these printers. The market is expanding day by day.

3D printing is not limited to plastic printing but it can also print out any material that you can think of; sandstone, ceramic, bronze, titanium or gold.

Many industries involve 3D printing in their businesses.

Bio-printing is used to print out human organs. It is used to duplicate damaged skulls or other human organs. Also, in dentistry, 3D printing is used for tooth replacement.

NASA, ESA and many aircraft manufacturers are using 3D printing to print out tools and parts to reduce the weight of aircraft.

The manufacturing industry is using 3D prototyping to reduce costs, save time, and produce better products. Racing cars and houses are already printed out by 3D printing.

For valuable objects that require high quality and very accurate models, like museum objects and cars, 3D printing and scanning can make the objects look as real as possible. Moreover, artists can create creative models out of thin air by using 3D printing.

Not only do they have an industrial use, but 3D printing is starting to be used at the household level. There is many a 3D printer for sale on the market but who uses them? And how do you use them?

3D printers are used by designers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and whoever else that wants to use them! They can be used to create models, figures, kitchen ware or household stuff.

3D printers use many different materials; abs 3D printer filament, pla filament and others. Each material can create different objects. If you want to create your own stuff, 3D printers can help you. Remember to read as much information about 3D printing as possible and purchase one that suits you.


Future of 3D Printing

Up until the present day, 3D printing has been changing the world. This technology is advanced by many designers around the world every day. The market has not yet reached its full potential yet. It is impossible to keep up. 3D printing will develop in every way; materials, price and technology. It will become less complex and be easier to use. Our kids may be using 3D printers in art classes or perhaps tomorrow there may be a new invention created by 3D printing. Who knows?

Jon Mills

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