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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. A day in which you fully committed yourself to your partner and joined two families into one, however, there are chances that there will be a lot of different, highly charged emotions that are flying at the ceremony itself. After all, it’s hard to give up not just your name but the past that you associate with it. Although you will always remain a member of your parent’s family, at the end of the day you are leaving that family unit to make a life with your partner and taking that first big leap into adulthood.

With all of this emotional talk and behavior happening at the ceremony thank those lucky stars that there is a chance to relax, unwind from the tension of the day, allow yourself to have a drink or three and get down to chatting with your guests and dancing the night away with them. However, like every single other aspect of your wedding it is also something that requires a little bit of forethought and planning to make it go with a particular aplomb, so let’s take a look at some advice given by wedding planners on how to throw a great reception n party.

Don’t be stingy with the bar budget

Now nobody really “likes” to pay for other people to get drunk, sure that’s a given, and we aren’t suggesting putting half the weddings budget behind the bar. However to some degree there must be some kind of free drinks going around and the bar that you are planning to drink at the venue (if they have one) should be able to provide trays of glasses of wine, champagne and beer, however this all needs paying for so it’s important that there is funds behind the bar in order to get everybody their first couple of drinks, then it’s perfectly reasonable to expect people to pay for their own drinks

If your venue does not have a bar or are unable to cater for this it might be something that you or your caterers will need to arrange together in order to ensure everybody has that cursory couple of drinks. Although this is very unlikely and if they can’t arrange trays of drinks then they will most likely be able to arrange a table for you and your guests either to be paid after the night to a certain limit or prepaid in advance. So make sure that you arrange this with the venue before your guests dry up and only buy one drink.

The music

Every single culture in the world without question normally accompanies marriage and wedding ceremonies with a celebration afterwards and practically all of them involve music, food and dancing for the most part. And it’s something that still remains true to this day and age and people will definitely expect you to provide some decent music to go along with the other festivities of the day. After all, when people are happy they drink, and when they drink, they will want to dance the Macarena!

So make sure they are catered for man earnestly look at your music options at least a month before the actual due date and many people go for the relative ease and convenience of DJ hire over hiring out a band to play at your wedding. This is normally due to space, equipment and quality concerns. After all do you want to hedge your bets on your receptions music because you didn’t research the band well enough before booking? Well then hire a DJ and take most of the effort out of it.

Having a wedding book

After the celebrations are winding down and people have imbibed just the right amount of alcohol they will suddenly want to get all teary eyed and emotional, and tell everyone how much they love you and how much you meant to them. Instead of patiently waiting on a queue of people to come and tell you all this just leave a decorative ledger or album in the coroner for people to leave their heartfelt best wishes and good lucks for the future, which you will no doubt look back on in years to come with a mixture of sadness and joy. Just like everything else about your wedding day.

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