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Keeping Your Personal Workspace Tidy Doesn’t Have to Be Boring


If you are working in an office environment you will know that there are some people who keep everything just so and have an impeccably tidy work desk where everything has its proper place. You will also undoubtedly know people whose workspace looks more like some sort of Jackson Pollock painting and is so cluttered with things that it makes you feel stressed out just looking at it. It is fair to say that people work in different ways but that having an element of tidiness and organisation is a boon to people’s efficiency. Having an organised office desk will prevent those annoying times when you cannot find that thing you need at just the moment you need it. If you are working in a place which is open to the public or has visitors come and go the importance of an uncluttered office is even more greater because a messy office will not give other people the greatest impression of your business.

The thing is not everyone wants to live in a world where they have to be so anal about how they keep their office desk that it feels stale and lifeless. Being organised and tidy doesn’t have to mean it is minimalist and dull. You can still add a personal touch to the area you work in without passing up on tidiness. So if you are stuck with this quandary of being encouraged or even told to be more orderly here are a few ideas to inject a bit of yourself into your desk space without upsetting the boss.

Notice Boards

Most offices are now laid out so that people are sitting at double sided workspaces with a divider between yourself and the person opposite you. So long as it is permitted you should use this partition as a place to hang up a notice board. You will be able to use it for a multitude of things and it will really extend the amount of space you have. Paperwork which you need to refer to whilst you are doing something else could be pinned up in front of you whilst you get on with other things or if you are working in calls you could hang your phone conversation script here. Besides a notice board being beneficial to your productivity it can be an area where you have some personal items hung up such as a picture of your partner or children.

Laptop/Tablet Stand

If you have to make use of a laptop or tablet at work, they can often take up an awful lot of desk space. What can help with this is to purchase a stand which holds your laptop more vertically and so you will have regained a whole load of free space. Alternatively, you might wish that you had a second screen but your company does not provide you with one. Sometimes multi-tasking and juggling windows can be quite bothersome and frustrating on a single screen. Having a laptop stand will allow you to plug your work computer into it and have a double screen set up. The benefits of this are well documented and I never used to understand the appeal until I tried it myself and now, I can’t go back to only using one screen.

Desk Tidies

Don’t yawn! A desk tidy can be cool as well as useful. You will be able to keep things in their place but also add a touch of colour and style to your office desk. You shouldn’t have any problems with your management not wanting you to use one as it will show that you are organised and committed to your job. So how can a desk tidy be cool? Most people think of mass-produced plastic tat but have you ever considered you could have a wooden desk tidy built for you that will look really classy whilst being durable and helpful.

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