Microsoft Releases Windows 8 for Beta Testing, Challenges Apple and Google Tablet Dominance


Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 for beta testing in the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday.
The software giant is hoping that the newest version of the popular Windows will help the company regain some of the customers that it has been losing to Apple and Google. Apple’s iPad uses its proprietary iOS software while Google’s devices are using the open source Android platform.
Windows 8 uses the “Metro” style, using tiles on start-up screen, that is currently being used by phones that run Windows operating system. A new feature is the Windows Store, also launched Wednesday, where apps for the new OS are available for download.
The entry of Windows 8 to the tablet market is viewed by tech-analysts as laying the groundwork for Microsoft’s major push into mobile devices. The company has been lagging behind Apple and Google in terms of market share in mobile computing software. Google’s Android system is currently favorite among independent developer while Apple iOS is riding on the popularity of iPhone and iPad devices to the top of mobile software.
However, the new release did not create the explosive buzz that usually accompanied Microsoft’s previous major software offerings.
“I don’t think it’s an explosive ‘Christ, we’ve got to have this new release. There isn’t necessarily a pent-up demand for what Windows 8 represents.”, said James Governor, a London-based tech-industry analyst.
He cited the popularity enjoyed by the current Windows 7 operating system as the reason why costumers are less interested in an update at this time.

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