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NATO air strike kills five Libyan rebels

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It was day of losses for the Libyan rebels on Thursday with at least five members of the rebel forces fighting against troops loyal to embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s supporters were killed by a NATO air strike.

Another five rebels were also killed and scores of others wounded in a series of bombardment carried out by Gaddafi’s forces in Libya’s wester section of Misrata, according to hospital workers in Ajdabiyah where casualties were brought for medical treatment.

A wounded rebel fighter, Younes Jumaa said NATO strike hit on them while they were near their vehicles in a location close to Brega.

Jumaa was wheeled into the hospital for immediate treatment of shrapnel wounds. Medical workers confirmed that at least five rebels who were brought in for treatment were dead.

Some rebels who were mourning the death of their comrades blamed NATO for the loss. ”NATO are liars. They are siding with Gaddafi,” said Salem Mislat, one of the rebels.

As reports of the said air strike and a case of friendly fire spreading across newsrooms, there were no immediate comments made or statements from NATO.

This latest incident involving rebel deaths and casualties resulting from faulty ATO air strike was the second to have happened in less than week.

Nearly a week ago, some thirteen rebels have also died from NATO bombing in area not far from Misrata.

The rebels have been fighting government forces in the past days to take control of Libya’s eastern side of Brega from Gaddafi forces.

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