Ohio Killer Caught on Walmart Surveillance Camera


More details have emerged in the case of the Ohio killings of two women and a 11 year old boy who were stabbed to death by Matthew Hoffman, dismembered and then placed inside a hollow tree.

A surveillance video has been released showing unemployed tree cutter Matthew Hoffman in Walmart after he had murdered the family. He is known to have bought heavy duty bags to place the bodies in.

More information has come out about the murders which occurred on the night of November 9th.

Matthew Hoffman slept across the street in the woods in a sleeping bag until the morning where he waited until everyone had left the home, upon which he entered the house using the garage.

“The garage door was not closed all the way, so I slid under it into the garage,” Hoffman said. “I kicked the door into the house from the garage. By this time it was approximately 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.”

For an hour he searched the house looking for anything that was valuable but was unable to find anything. He was in just about to leave when the mother arrived home

“I confronted her and made her get onto the bed lying face down,” he said. “I believe that we were in her bedroom. I had a blackjack [and] I was going to try to knock her out. I hit her a couple of times in the head, but it did not knock her out. It was not doing the job, and I started panicking.”

At which point the second woman entered the room, Hoffman panicked and stabbed Herrmann who was lying down on the bed twice in the back and then he chased after Sprang killing her with the knife. He went back to the bed and continued to stab Herrmann until he could see she was no longer alive.

The familys pet which was a miniature pinscher wouldn’t stop barking so he stabbed the dog to death aswell.

In a state of panic, Hoffman tried to come up with a plan to dispose of the bodies. Initially he thought of dumping them in a pond and then burning the house down but instead he decided to dismember them. He took each one into the bathroom and began the process of chopping them up.

At which point the two children aged 13 and 11 came home. He stabbed the youngest in the chest a couple of times and then went to get the girl but said he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Instead he took her back to his home where he raped her for 4 days.

After Herrmann didn’t show up for work the following day, a co-worker went to her home to check in on her and noticed blood inside the home.

Herrmanns truck was not found at the home, police discovered it with Hoffman nearby, but he was let go as he said he was waiting for his girlfriend to get off work.

Investigators finally put two and two together after they discovered Hoffmann had purchased items from Walmart and left the bag with the receipt inside the garage. From this investigators were able to pin point him based on what he purchased using surveillance video from Walmart.

Matthew Hoffman has pleased guilty and will receive a sentence of life without parole. He will not get the death penalty as he did a deal with police that he would lead them to the bodies in exchange for no death penalty.

Jon Mills

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