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Swimming Pool Anatomy for Novices 


Whether you have been lucky enough to move into a new home that comes with a swimming pool, or have decided to take the plunge and build your own, you are going to find that there is a surprising amount to learn when it comes to how your pool works and looking after it. There a few basics that many new pool owners get wrong and whereas none of these things will be catastrophic in its own right, getting a combination of these things wrong, or getting one wrong for a prolonged period of time can have very serious side effects on your pool, your swimmers and your bank balance.

But before you even get as far as knowing what how to take care of your pool and any other in depth or more advanced maintenance knowledge, it is important to understand the absolute basics of how your pool functions and what is going on.  Imagine being given a car for the first time with no prior knowledge of how it works, you would probably find it baffling and whilst most of us don’t understand the complete ins and outs of the internal combustion engine, we all know the basics – fuel goes into the engine, a controlled reaction generates the movement that allows the car to propel itself forwards.  So let’s apply this to a swimming pool.

Pool pump It’s all about circulation

The water in your swimming pool is part of a system, a closed circuit of waterflow that is designed to be moved, cleaned and reintroduced to the main body of water.  This is important as moving water is far less likely to develop algae and other water ‘infections’ that standing water can be prone to.  The water will be drawn into the filtration system, where all of the debris and dead bacteria (the chlorine kills the bacteria, not the filter) will be removed down to the size the filter is rated for.  The filtered water is then pumped back into the main pool and the cycle continues.  This movement is really vital to the general health of the pool and whereas some people’s budgets might not stretch to running their pool filters twenty-four hours a day, it is definitely the safest option, but solutions for limited pump use are available.

Simply the best

Buying consumable parts for your pool such as the filters can be quite an expensive outlay each time, this is why understanding what you have is so important.  In addition to making a good choice of product, if you were to buy a swimming pool filter online, you will quite often find a good discount as well as plenty of help and advice.  One word of warning is to ensure you buy quality products from a reputable retailer, such as APS Rewinds and Sales, because if you end up using sub-par filters and alike to save a few cents, then you could be putting your families health at risk.

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