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The Benefits of Having a Feature Ceiling


When it comes to renovating or design a space, the ceiling is something that is often overlooked. Afterall, how much of an effect can a ceiling really have on the overall space of a room? Well, you’d be surprised! A ceiling can indeed transform a space, which is why it is important to pay particular attention the style that you’d like to go for. In this article, we’re going to focus on the feature ceiling, and how it can truly make a space look stunning!

1 – Perfect for creating a theme

Who wants a boring plain white ceiling in a nursery for an expecting family? Sure, if you want to keep it simple then that’s understandable, but imagine an amazing ceiling painted with blue sky and some wispy clouds? Or perhaps, a home-cinema with a black ceiling that has little spotlights to resemble the stars at night? That’s one way to truly transform a space and use the ceiling to your advantage. Remember, it’s another surface which would otherwise go unused, so use your imagination and do something truly exciting!

2 – Improve acoustics

A feature ceiling can be inset with ceiling panels that can easily be removed. In addition to that, you can leave a coving area around the top which allows for enhanced acoustics! Again, this would be perfect for a home theatre or cinema experience, bolstering the overall sound quality of your speakers.

3 – Laser design custom pictures for immense displays

If you are designing a room which doesn’t have any windows, then you’ll want to do whatever you can to create the feeling of their being more space. Whilst mirrors and bright colours are invaluable in this, you should also consider laser design custom imagery for the ceiling. For example: imagine a ceiling which looks like a skylight on a bright, summers day, with blue skies and clouds, and the occasional hanging branch filled with lush green leaves? Combined with bright LED lights, this could truly transform an otherwise claustrophobic space into a bright and open space with the feeling of a breezy outdoors vibe!

4 – Stand out and be memorable

Most offices, shops and businesses tend to keep it quite basic when it comes to their ceilings. Certainly, some fashion outlets might favour an exposed ceiling to go for the more rustic and industrial look. However, how many shops or establishments spring to mind, how went all out with an awesome feature ceiling? There aren’t many! So, if you want to stand out and be memorable, then why not go for an awesome feature ceiling that will give your space the wow factor that everyone is looking for? Hey! It might even be considered Instaworthy to get more exposure for your business through social media!


The simple fact is, feature ceilings are awesome! Whether at home, or in the office, a feature ceiling can add an irrefutable air of character to a space that standard ceilings simply cannot pull off. Be bold and create an exciting space that you can be proud of! If you’re interested in exploring it further, then check out a reputable company such as Alpha Ceilings and Partitions. You’ll find a number of quality companies in your area, but you have to find the best one before making such a big decision.

Jon Mills

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