Tina Adovasio Missing Update


40 year old Tina Adovasio is missing since Friday 11th of March after she was seen leaving the home she used to share with her former husband and New York Cop Edwin Coello

What is so damaging in this case against Edwin Coello is that the police have a video showing coello dragging a duffel bag which could easily hold a body out of the home on the same evening.

On Monday investigators traced his wife’s cellphone and they traced it to a bridge in Morris Heights where they believe her body potentially could be dumped along with many of her belongings.

Today police will begin a wide search for the body.

After pulling Coello in, his story is that he had an argument with her and she ran out of their home

Adovasio divorced last month after years of domestic incidents

“He had beat her before,” Adovasio’s mother, Adrienne Susco, told The News. “She needed stitches and had two black eyes,” she said of an incident that happened a couple of years ago.

Coello was dismissed from his position as a police officer after continual reports of domestic abuse against his wife.

Yesterday the police found Coellos car in the Bronx and have been searching through it for evidence in this case. Coello claims she is known for running off

Adovasio’s mother disputes that by saying. “He lied and told the cops she had run off before and left the kids,” Susco said. “Never, ever would she leave her children.”

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