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Top Four Uses for Your Pressure Washers

Worker and Pressure Washer. Men Wearing Rain Coat Cleaning Brick Paths Using Powerful Water Sprayer.

How high pressure washer can be used to clean your home

Water is the best choice for cleaning job. Combining with detergent, things can be washed out easier and get your things cleaner. But some kinds of dirt are stubborn. No matter how hard you try, they are still sticking on your surface. Pressure washers work effectively with high-pressure power to blast out all dirt. Water travel from pressure washers very fast, hit the surface and wash the dirt and dust away.

Are High Pressure Washers Hard to Use?

A high-pressure washer sounds pretty hard to use. You might think that it is not for household users. Actually, it is just a water pump powered by an electric motor. It takes water to accelerate into high pressure then emit the water out with high speed.

Nowadays, pressure washers in the market are small, light, handy and comfortable to use. You do not have to switch nozzles for different cleaning tasks but just simply rotate a nozzle to change water spray.

Cleaning Around with Pressure Washers

Instead of hand brushing or cleaning your home like before, pressure washers can be energy-saver and time-saver.

1. Cleaning side of walls and exterior

House siding is where dirt are easy to construct. Summer sand or splash of mud from rainy season leave stain on your siding. The easiest way to clean is by pressure washing.

Use 25 or 40 degree nozzle tip with an extension wand to clean the wide wall siding. Avoid using ladder while using the pressure washer because it is slippery and can cause accidents.

Start with 3 feet away from the wall then go closer to stubborn dirt. Detergent can be used to make the job simpler.

2. Cleaning your roof

Your roof turns white from bird droppings, moss and mold are growing green on your roof since last rainy season. Pressure washers can make this work easier.

Things to concern about cleaning roof is avoid damaging to the roof. Use proper spray tip to clean by starting with medium pressure. Only use very high pressure to stubborn area. Be careful not to let the water to go under the shingles because it will leak into your home. And remember to stand in dry area for safety.

3. Cleaning your deck

Ground-in dirt, mold, and mildew that come from your shoes make the desk dirty. The easiest, fastest and most effective way is to clean with high pressure washers.

Use a mid-sized pressure washer to clean overall deck and use narrow nozzle to clean the corners. Avoid using full power on the deck because your deck needs consistency.

4. Cleaning your car

Most popular way to use pressure washers is to clean cars. Before doing so, there are things that should be aware to avoid damaging your beloved cars.

First, rinse your car with plain water. Use 40 degree nozzle to give a wider spray and an excellent wash. If your car is full of mud, go with 15-25 degree in the mud areas. Clean your car starting from top and make the way down to bottom. You can hand washing with detergent or apply detergent injector to clean the car. Finish up by rinsing and dry it with soft cloth.

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