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Tyler Bryant New EP “My Radio” Storms iTunes


Every now and again a person or band comes along and shakes the music scene, it’s rare… but they have that special ” it ” factor — all the ingredients of legendary  “Rock Gods”

Tyler Bryant and his band of merry men ( Calvin Webster – Bass Ass Kicker, Caleb Crosby – Drum Demon, ) are exactly that.

Now they have released their new 4 piece EP entitled ” My Radio ” and it’s already on its way to making iTunes quake with its killer licks and head spinning sounds and at a whopping $3.96 ( It’s a total steal! )

  1. My Radio
  2. Big Time
  3. Speed of Sound
  4. Where I want you

In fact, you can get the 5th track “Like It’s The Last Time” for free by signing up on Tyler Bryants website ( That track will make you feel you have just walked down a dusty road in Nashville and made a deal with the devil at the crossroads )

Tyler Bryant came to the forefront with his debut in ” Rock Prophecies ” a documentary by rock photographer Robert M Knight. It details Roberts journey to find the worlds best new guitar player and who takes the starring role – ” Tyler Bryant ”

It’s been said that the first time you hear one of their songs, you don’t know whether to shit your pants or grab your guitar and set fire to it.

Their raw talent, dirty guitar, raspy vocals, and infectious sound is highly addictive and already has gained them a large following of rabid fans!

In a time when the type of music hitting radios makes you feel like throwing up last nights dinner, Tyler Bryants music is like a convoy of paramedics sweeping in to save the day.

This is one kid that isn’t going away any time soon ( Thank GOD )

  • Tyler Byrant Twitter!/thetylerbryant
  • Tyler Bryant Facebook
  • Tyler Bryant Band Official Website
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