Acupuncture, lets get to the point.


We’ve all heard of acupuncture, whether from firsthand accounts from that one friend who swears by it to pop culture, from seeing it in movies and referenced on TV. But how does it work? What kind of problems does it assist? And most importantly with any form of medical treatment, how do I choose a reliable and safe practitioner? After all, the ostensive thought of somebody driving a needle into your muscles can be a daunting prospect, hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Reputation precedes everything.

Any medical professional will tell you that their reputation in their field is what placates their customers’ concerns and helps them make a confident decision when engaging their service and acupuncturists are no exception to the rule. If at all possible, I would urge finding a personal recommendation, from somebody suffering with similar problems and symptoms as yourself, whether that be from the aforementioned friend who is well versed in your local practitioners or from various different forums and social media groups that are bound to not only be full of recommendations but other useful resources to help you discover more. Without any personal recommendations, you may look for reviews both online and offline.

People invest in Experts

In the same way that a junior doctor cannot perform open heart surgery, so too a less experienced acupuncturist cannot perform more intricate and complex treatments that involve working with high-risk or sensitive parts of the body. If your condition is serious or affects a highly important part of the body like the spine, then a more experienced or more educated practitioner will be required. When consulting with an acupuncturist, outline your problem and ask him for examples of dealing with patients suffering from similar problems in his career. And base your choice on the most experienced physician.

Time from your day

Remember that while your health is obviously the most important part of this process, it will also take time out of your schedule to receive the treatments, so try and find the best practitioner in your local area. Some problems may only require a single half hour session to treat whereas other more serious and complicated problems may require more than one session that are several hours long to maintain measurable improvements. The amount of course you take and how long each session should be is something that you must discuss with your practitioner when receiving an initial consultation.

The value your health…. And how much it will cost you

The price is also definitely something that needs to be considered when you are considering acupuncture. As many conditions will require you to see your physician more than once and each session can run into the hundreds of dollars if you are engaging a well-respected and highly educated acupuncturist. As we just mentioned, you practitioner’s expertise and education will generally determine their fee. But do take into account that a legitimate and responsible acupuncturist has all relevant insurances for your protection and these can be extremely expensive.

I hope this article will help you make the right decision. For further advice and to read about the exciting world of oriental medicine take a look at Chinese medicine perth.


Jon Mills

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