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Don’t sweat it: How to save time when you’re gardening



gardeninggSo just imagine, its early in the morning on a Saturday and you woke up, filled with the whimsical notions of bacon sandwiches, relaxed lie-ins and spending time with family and friends. As you climb out of bed all of that comes crashing down around you as you remember your half-hearted pledge to the other half to tidy and clear the garden. How horrible. It’s inevitable that you will have to maintain your garden if you want it to look even half appealing to the outside world. Here are a few tips that could help you next time you feel like (or are forced to) being greener fingered.

More is less than more or less.

When gardening you should try to strategize how you’re going to deal with problem or difficult to reach areas. When you’re putting your beds into order, try to focus not on the variety of flowers but more the quantity of them and how well they cover the space. This will save you time and effort as you won’t need to switch tools. For hard to mow locations in your lawn, try and plant a ground covering plant such as bugleweed to fill up the uneven spaces and hide what you can’t rectify  easily, saving you time.

Power Drill pleasure

If you’re the type that like to plant bulbs, you’re probably also the kind of person who hates it at the same time. Digging that deep of a hole with a trowel or by some other hand powered method can be a time consuming, annoying and downright dirty job that is much loathed by flower enthusiast everywhere. Try investing in an attachment for your power drill called a bulb auger; this long oblique shaped drill bit can effectively remove most of the effort involved in planting. It is also suitable for a number of other applications like aerating your compost heap, and mixing up soil compositions.

Lawn leisure

Your lawn can take up a considerable amount of your gardening time. With mowing, de weeding, repairing and reseeding dry or dead patches in the grass, not including all the time and hard work you initially put into it to get it healthy and established.  Also having to use noxious and sometimes harsh fertilizing chemicals, which can also on the other hand completely destroy your lawn if mixed incorrectly, meaning that you’ll have to repeat this irritating process all over again. Maybe consider using an easy to start, low maintenance and great looking solution such as a natural grass turf lawn. These require not only less mowing that seeded lawns but are also easy to lay, require less watering and fertilization than their counterparts. For more information regarding this kind of solution then follow this link to A View Turf, a specialist in natural grass solutions and turf supplies.

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