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Things to consider when printing a sign for your business



Things to consider when printing a sign for your business

First impressions are important, especially for business. In the same way, you wouldn’t go to work looking sloppy, unprofessional and uninviting to customers why would allow that same customer to be greeted with an ugly or unsuitable sign? Choosing what sign best reflects you as a business and what you do can be a tricky business, luckily the sign makers such as Graffiti Stickers can assist you with the overall design process. Nevertheless, below is a list of things that you may need to consider in order to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Rules and Regulations.

Many states and local government have strict zoning law governing the exact kind of signage a particular business has to have and what it cannot have. These regulations stretch to everything from the content of the billboard or sign, the materials it is made from, the colour and size of the font and so on. These can vary wildly and it would pay to ensure you are aware of what signage is approved by your local authorities. Lest you be forced to throw away your hard work, time and money on a sign that isn’t up to code.


Requirements and Budget.

Is your sign going to be free standing? or attached to the awning? are you having a billboard or simply individual letter attached to the building? This is something that will have to be discussed with the not only the landlord of your premises to check what kind of signage, and extent of installation changes that will need to occur to the building, but also the people making your sign as the kind of sign you have will affect its price and can vary wildly by size, location and the amount of work that needs to occur in order to install it as well as by company. Always look to have these costs explained by your sign makers as a good printing company will always be happy to break down the costs and what you receive.


Design and branding for your sign.


It is important before you proceed with this step that you have a clear idea of what impression you want to leave on a potential customer. Also, the more delays and changes submitted to your printing company means inevitably that costs will rise. Make sure your sign is bright, vibrant and visually pleasing. Ensure that what your business does is easily understandable and that the sign matches the branding and colour scheme of the rest of your company. Also, bear in mind maintenance costs and what your sign is made from will determine that. As a rule of thumb natural materials will degrade and need repair and replacing sooner than synthetic materials. Again your printing company should be able to give you an idea of how long your sign will last and what you need to do to maintain it dependant on your local climate and weather conditions

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