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Making the Most of Effective and Attractive Product Branding

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Many businesses attend trade shows and expos in hope to sell their products and services by demonstrating new models that incorporate the latest technologies. But no product or service can really sell if people don’t know what it is, or that it’s even for sale. So in order to get people’s attention, your brand’s booth needs to clear, visible, and inviting.

It’s no secret that the better your booth looks the more likely you are to sell your products and/or services. There’s just something about beauty that we humans are inherently attracted too, and if you can grab someone’s attention with stunning eye catching designs then you’ve done half the job already, following that you’d like to think the product/service sells itself… if not then perhaps you’re selling the wrong thing!

If you’ve booked to attend a trade show, then you’ll be looking to design a booth that draws as much attention as possible, allows for an easy flow of human traffic and maximizes sales.

Tips for Effective Expo Booths

Large well-lit signs – Whatever industry you operate in, you’ll want to increase brand awareness as best you can. The most effective place to start is to construct well-lit signs for your booth that display company and product logos for all to see. Be sure to think about the location of your booth, the placement of signs, and how many passers-by are able to see it.

Promote your major selling points – Whether it be printed on large signs, or shown with moving graphics and videos on a large displays, you’ll want to make your main selling points extremely clear. Letting potential customers know what sets you apart from the others is one of the major assets your company has when it comes to beating the competition.

Choose a related theme that enhances your brand’s image – If your brand operates in the tech industry, then you’ll want to design a concept that echoes that. And similarly, if your brand is steeped in tradition, then you’ll most likely want a more classically looking booth that focuses more on luxury appearance rather than technological features.

Use comfortable materials – Regardless of the theme you choose to go with, you’ll want your booth to be as comfortable as possible. Whilst most people go to the effort of carefully choosing chairs and/or sofas that are comfy and attractive, most overlook the finer details such as flooring and counter tops. To achieve the best designs it’s advisable to look into customizing your own tables and counter top space, but you should be able to buy matting online and simply cut it down to size.

Knowledgeable staff – There’s nothing worse than talking with a company rep that knows nothing about the product or service they are selling. Your staff are representatives of your brand, and thus should portray the correct image that aligns with your brand’s image. Be sure to choose the right person for the job; note that this isn’t always the member of staff who performs best at work, it’s more likely to be the person who has the most charisma, and shows the most interest in supporting your brand.

Brochures and leaflets – With your main selling points clearly stated, you may wish to give your potential customers more in depth information; this can be done by printing up brochures, leaflets and/or flyers that contain technical details about the product/service you have on offer.


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