iPad 2 Release Sucks Big Time


Thousands of Americans queued up to get their hands on the new iPad2 only to experience the same service as they did when the iphone rolled out.

As people waited in lines to get in and purchase, they found salespeople taking their time by having customers wait while they brought it out and then answered questions about it instead of serving everyone else who were patiently waiting outside. It was said that most of the apple stores were only handling around fifty to seventy five ipad 2 sales each hour. Which could have gone a lot faster had they stacked the boxes up at the till and just moved people through and arranged a different day to handle questions. Even having a seperate portion of their site where people could find answers.

No White iPad 2 in sight. As Apple claimed there would be a good amount of white ipad 2 available, people found once again Apple falling short on their promises as many stores only had as little as two or three in stock as people streamed in. Doesn’t this just scream white iphone 4 all over again?

Low supply, high demand – It’s being said that the release of the iPad 2 has been the worst in the whole history of releasing their products. walmart had only two in stock for launch day, Apple ony had a few hundred. Now we will see months of people searching craigs list, kijiji and stores daily to be placed on lists for calls of when stock comes in.

To top it off, American Express was apparently not accepting payments for ipad 2 for security reasons.

No news on when ipad 2 will hit Canada.

So how did the shopping experience go for you?

Jon Mills

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