Jaydin Goldenstein Finds Solace in Baseball After Mother Passes Away


A really touching story has emerged, the type of story that makes it’s way into a book or the big screen.

16 year old Jaydin Goldenstein, has made headlines by pitching a no-hitter and landing four home runs in his second game.

While that is remarkable, it’s the story behind this success that is capturing peoples attention.

Jaydin 2 days prior to this had stood beside the deathbed of his mother, a person who had become a stranger to him after she left his life back when he was in third grade.

At the age of 35 she passed away in a Hospital after years of drugs use, jail time and a halfway house.

Her son said “After my first eight years, I didn’t want to have anything to do with her; I didn’t want to even accept her, So, I was saying goodbye to someone I didn’t know. But, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive.”

There was hesitation by Holyoke coach Kyle Bules to even put him in the game. And yet he said “It was like there wasn’t pressure on him,” Kyle Bules said. “You go through dealing with that type of scenario — what’s a baseball game?”

Jaydin grew up in Holyoke a town which is said to be ” Far from anything ” a place where you have to drive an hour to find a Walmart.

At age 2 his parents divorced leaving his father Clint Goldstein to raise him. Jaydin would spend years of visiting separate homes until his mother fell into drug use.

“When she was first getting involved with drugs, it was scary because she was acting different,” Jaydin said. “Then the cops got involved and I was like, ‘whoa.’ You shouldn’t have cops at your house when you’re 8 years old. “I forgave her several times. But she kept messing up. She used to try to call me, and I wouldn’t talk to her.”

After the game, Jaydin said that he was on facebook and he saw the notification from his mother to befriend “She had tried befriending me before,” he said, using Facebook lingo. “But I never accepted it.”

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